Likes: Taking things apart, Trebuchets, The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, playing football with other people who are bad at football.

Dislikes: Coriander.

Edward Lewis

Edward Lewis is a web developer, specialising in PHP, ActionScript and content-managed websites.

He started learning HTML while working in an internet café, where he also played a lot of chess. After graduating with a degree in Computer Aided Product Design, he continued his interest in programming, teaching himself a number of web-based languages and starting to build websites professionally. He joined the Kin Creative collective in 2007 and forged an alliance with Cassie that eventually lead to Good Show Studio being formed.

Ed has both a mathematical and conceptual approach to programming, allowing him to find creative solutions to technical briefs and to bring new ideas to the table in every project.

Ed is something of a philosopher / resident "ranter", who can always be relied on to give an outraged opinion, whatever the subject. He is also a fountain of unusual knowledge, especially if it's to do with science. He enjoys shooting zombies and reading Reddit.