Likes: Board games, The 1940s, Hats, Forests, Learning languages

Dislikes: Rude people

Cassie Leedham

Cassie took a winding path through French, Psycholinguistics and Art before finding her true calling as a Designer. She sees Graphic Design as visual problem-solving and loves finding the perfect solution to a brief.

While studying Graphic Design at university, she started her career by landing a summer job at acclaimed agency 3form in Birmingham and also took on independent clients. After graduating with a first, she began working as a full-time freelancer and teaching Graphic Design on her old degree course. She was a founding member of the highly successful "Kin Collective" in 2006 and left to start Good Show Studio in 2009. She has now been a freelance designer for 5 years and still loves every minute.

Cassie's work spans all disciplines, though her strength lies in concepts design and she has also developed skills in Graphic Design for film and TV set dressing, after working on the critically acclaimed "Control" in 2006 and soon to be released films "End Game" and "Nativity".

Cassie likes nothing better than learning a new skill or solving a puzzle and would like to end up living in a tree house that she has designed and built herself.